Saxon Jing
Saxon Jing is a small open source Java library bridging the Saxon Processor with James Clark's Jing Validator enabling one to validate XML documents against Compact Syntax RelaxNG Schemas in XSLT and XQuery via XPath Functions.
An early Beta version of an XQuery API for Java (XQJ) implementation for the Sedna XML Database, it conforms to the XQJ Test Compatibility Kit provided by Oracle has no dependencies, is relatively light-weight and supports XQuery external variables.
A lightweight Java library which allows a developer to take complete control over the Sedna XML Database, the library is built upon the XML:DB/XAPI interfaces created by the XML:DB Initiative.
A Javascript and CSS based Menu system, it was originally written in 2002 and was designed purely for Web Standards, it was designed not to be flashy, but to work in as many browsers as possible.
JavaScript Cruncher
A program, written in C and currently compiled for Windows and Linux platforms is the fastest Javascript/ECMA script compressor available today. It's purpose is to remove as many spaces, tabs, comments and unnessacary code as possible without breaking it.
Bits and pieces of code, fun little applets, etc.