Questions and Answers

  1. How does Sedna XML:DB serialise xml data/result sets received from the server?
  2. What is the minimum requirement for the Sedna XML:DB?, can I use an old JDK?

Storing an XML Document/Fragment as a DOM object is expensive both in terms of memory and processing power, for this reason when the client receives XML/data from the server, it is initially stored as a String.

If and when the API user calls the getContentAsDOM() method in XMLResource the String is then serialised into a Document or Node Object depending on the current config.

If and when the API user calls the getContentAsSAX(ContentHandler handler) method in XMLResource the String is piped through the ContentHandler as a set of SAX events.

The version available on this website is released for Java 1.4.2, although a version exists which will run on Java 1.1 and J2ME environments.

The library has been tested on Symbian OS Mobile phones with Series 60 and UIQ, Microsoft Java, Mac OS and GNU GCJ.

If you would like more information about this version, please get in touch.